THE HIGHLANDER’S DREAM, Book TwoRelease, Spring, 2022

Steamy, Sci-Fi, Erotic, Historical Romance

“Really evocative of the setting, as well as a nod to the Dreamscape concept.”

There’s always been something missing from his life.

“I don’t generally advise using eye dialect (writing the accent phonetically), but I thought the dialogue worked well.”

“I felt that I had a pretty good grasp of the writing style and general plot elements by the end of the opening chapters.”

“I thought it was a pretty enjoyable read with likeable protagonists. From what I can tell, the premise is really original. There are some sci fi/historical blends out there, but nothing is quite the same.”

“Pretty original in both the romance and sci fi genres.”

“Try to incorporate scent more often. It’s the sense that’s most strongly linked to emotion and memory.”

“You are good at action scenes and historical details.There were some really stunning descriptions of the castles and estates.”

“I found the action scenes exciting. I also found their final intimate scene (the only that actually took place in the real world) was touching and appropriately intimate.”

“The women of my family, through our Ferguson line, are blessed with the knowledge of knowing when we meet our true love.”

LANCE, Book Two –  Re-Release, Spring 2022

Gritty, Steamy Erotic, Contemporary Romance

“I absolutely loved this storyline and couldn’t put the book down! The scenes in this book were phenomenally written. You’ve got a natural knack for writing D/s scenes. I LOVE IT!”

“Lance gave off an arrogant vibe in the opening chapter. I did not expect him to be as loving and considerate as he was throughout the remainder of the story.”

“I love how realistic Gabriella is as a person. Her backstory leaves no questions about who she is during the story.”

“It was easy for me to create an image for Lance in my head. Gabriella was a little harder until it was shared that she was of European descent. I think it was the olive skin that was throwing me off for the longest time. I pictured her more along the lines of a Southern Italian, Hispanic, or Asian descendent, but none were able to stick until I learned her parents were German immigrants.”

“I liked how you threw in the ‘bawse’ stuff for Gabriella describing Lance, but still kept her articulate throughout the story. It really made her character believable.”

“Those sex scenes were so steamy! I’d love to read more!! You’ve got a natural knack for writing a steamy, realistic, and delicious sexual encounter! I think I loved these scenes more than those from Alex.”

“It felt reminiscent of Fifty Shades at first, but I loved the twist of the heroine having the twisted past.”

“Both epilogues were a great touch. I still can’t get over how fun it was to read Gabriella being more excited about the choker necklace than the engagement ring. It just seemed to fit her perfectly, and I love that sassy part of her.”

“You write a compelling story. I enjoyed reading this addition to the series.”

“This was definitely a better read than the Fifty Shades series. I would absolutely recommend this series to friends who thought they were in love with FSoG.”

THE HIGHLANDER’S FUTURE, Book Three –  Release, Fall 2022

Historical, Sci-Fi, Erotic Romance
Mi Life, Mah Future

Overall, ‘The Highlander’s Future’ is a titillating romance that transports us to Medieval Scotland with a dash of the futuristic developments.”

“The author masterfully blends futuristic elements in a historical book. This makes the romance all the more enticing. I believe this is the author’s strongest writing talent.”

“People who liked Julie Garwood’s ‘Highland Velvet’ would enjoy it.”

“Communicating with one’s partner is a necessity for a successful relationship. Also, if we aim to achieve something and work hard towards our goals, we can achieve it. I believe these are the themes of the story.”

“It is the third book in the series. However, this does not stop the reader from enjoying it as a standalone book. In fact, it make us want to read the preceding books. I truly liked this about the book.”

“The writing style is amazing. The author expertly weaves the Scottish accent in the dialogues . This makes the reader feel like a character of the book.”

Lines I love;

“I love ye, lass. It seems I have been in some form of love with ye all my life.”

Twice more in the twilight of the night, Ramsey took me to heights above the clouds and then flew with me over the edge of a cliff, where only true lovers fly.

“I love ye, Mah Future. Ye are the love of my life. I want nay other woman but ye, and ye..

“Never have I found such contentment, peace, and absolute love, as I have with Allison. The wait for her was truly worth it.”

“I have waited a lifetime for ye, Mah Future, and I’ll never let ye go.”

“To Scotland. Let the Highlander’s songs hereafter be sung of the lively Highlander’s dreams about the Highlander’s future, and the Highlander’s love of Scotland.”


PASSIONS OF THE DESERT, Book TwoRelease, Spring 2023

Steamy, Contemporary, Erotic Romance
I want the love I desire and the trust you need.

“If someone had told me, that was I was about to read, is a straight forward, no holds down, erotic short romance, I wouldn’t have listen. This maybe a book of two novellas, but it’s a full novel with all the kink, love and adventure in a full novel.”

“I’m a published, seasoned author, and I’ve never written a novella, because it’s hard to put all that you need in a few chapters, and still fulfill the reader. This author has done it and gave me more.”

“Hot. Wow. are the first two words that come to mind. The author’s writing style is right on top.”

“I was able to read the first book in this series, and I really thought the second book wouldn’t live up to the first, I am wrong. the author is so creative. Her imagination is over the roof. I love the story line and the characters.”

“The situations the characters are in, is believable.”

My favorite lines;

“I lean in close, looking her straight in her eyes. “Imagine my absolute delight when I found out that you, my Louvre, are a sweet, mischievous little masochist.”

She looks up at me, her eyes brimming with lust. I stare at her, my eyes bearing down into hers. “And, to your fortune, I’m a horny sadist,” I say with a sly smile.

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