Love Across Time Series, Book One (Release, Fall 2020)

Sci-Fi, Historical, Erotic Romance

“The author has an amazing ability at world-building.  Earth in the 24th century was relatable. Even the reptilian alien race had a good back-story. The way she executed time-travelling and dreamscape was wonderful. In my opinion, it was pretty believable.” – Beta

“The Highlander’s Love Song’ is an amazing start to an enthralling series. It is intense, romantic, crackling, and scintillating. It is perfect for any fan of the romance genre.” – Beta

“liked how the author ended the chapters. They didn’t necessarily end with a hook but they did end in a way that encouraged you to keep reading.” – Beta

“My favorite lines are listed below:

“There are a million worlds out there in space and we found each other,”

“Tell me ye want me, song doo. Tell me and I’ll take ye tae my home. Tell me and I’ll only live for ye. Say it,”

“Nay madness, lass, tis love.”

“I have to double my efforts to save her life because without her there is no me.”

“I pour my entire life into this kiss. I give her my promises to love and own her trust, to care for our future bairns, and to never let her go again.”

“Your heart is all I’ve ever wanted, in this time and yours.”

“God has your soul, I just want your heart.”

“Aye, love, ye will always have my heart and my love because our love is a love across time.” – Beta

“The book was absolutely perfect. Hence, it gets a perfect rating of 5 from me.” – Beta

“I believe that this is a unique time travel Highland romance.” – Beta

“The length was good, I just wish that there had been a little more sci-fi sprinkled into the middle of the story.” – Beta


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Where it all started.

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