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There has been a lot of talk, mainly on Twitter about how real should a romance writer be when it comes to the anatomy of male characters? These same writers comment that, sex would seem too painful with an oversized penis and how can this be considered passionate? When does it become too much fantasy and not enough realism?

To quote one of my favorite authors, “I want fantasy, that is why I read in the genre of erotic romance. I what a hero that can wreck lady parts.”

As a reader first, I personally want to be carried away in the book that I”m reading. I prefer to read about hero’s with oversized penis’. Everyone has a preference. I enjoy both fantasy and realism. Realism in the plot is good to give the storyline an edge, but when it comes to the sex scenes, again as a reader I want to be engulf in that fantasy.

As a writer, I want to create something that helps the reader to fantasize about the characters. I want the reader to finish the book and weeks later hear a song that will trigger that sex scene that I’ve created.