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The journey for me to become a romance author is/was a long one. My background isn’t in intense, sexual descriptive writing. The hardest part in writing a erotic romance novel for me is making a piece of literature that is a mixture of fantasy and reality.

Taking fantasy and making a literary work of descriptive art that will take the reader through doors of intense ecstasy where sexual emotions range high and the climatic feeling of that scene is felt after the reader has either closed the book or closed out the app. is not easy to produce.

Forming an intense or intriguing plot that will open doors of emotional upheaval, tense suspense, even when the reader knows there will be a happy ending to foster feelings of dislike and agitation to characters that are fictional can be a battle with words.

How can a first time writer of romance convey this and more to readers seeking a distraction with fantasy and escape into a world of erotic romance?

Except from Alex (Under His Control, Book One)

It’s said that, “the eyes are the window to the soul”, but in this case, “the window is the eyes to her soul”. In the windows glare I see her open her eyes, our eyes lock, and in that moment I see it. I see her, the woman, pain, loss, doubt, and I see want. I see it all, because that’s me, that’s all me. Grabbing her hips I pull her back into me, I wrap my arms around her stomach, I want her to relax against me, I do this for her, but I do it for me too because I want to rub my dick into her ass, so I’m selfish, but I thought of her first.