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One of the most freeing parts of my writing journey is the overwhelming support from the twitter writing community. Communicating with this group of like minded people is encouraging.

Writing is both lonely and informative. Lonely, because I write alone, read, and research alone. It’s informative, because while I research I learn so much about not only my own genre, but hundreds of other.

The writing community on twitter be it erotic, erotica, femdom, dominant, submissive, fantasy, dark, gritty, contemporary, sci-fi, etc, we all have a creative story to tell, and there are a lot of readers that can learn a lot by reading these stories.

I appreciate my twitter family, not for the support of their retweets for my book, but because these people don’t know me, they don’t judge and they don’t tattle tell, they just are and sometimes that’s all I really need, they are!