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I have a process in writing. I imagine every writer has a writing process. I think of a plot, a location, conflict, villain and ending. I get inspired by my fantasies, some real life uplifting circumstances and hope that what I’m trying to create will be a literary matchbox that crosses over into the fantasy plain for readers.

Choosing my heroine is easy. She always has to be a strong, independent, educated, sometimes mean spirited, sometimes slutty, with submissive tendencies and domme traits. Yes, I want it all.

But, you would think for my hero I would know exactly what I want in a hero, you would think. So I’ve come to the conclusion that my hero will be a man STRICTLY from my fantasies.

Height: my hero will always be tall because, I wear heels a lot, so I draw on the first look at a man taller than me. Build: I favor athletic builds because in order to keep up with my heroine they have to be ready for anything. Traits: dominate, laid back, funny, military, loving, doesn’t have to be degreed but common sense smart and yes, always, yes well endowed.