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My writing process is a labor of love and like.

I labor over the outline, plot, characters, and design of my books. My writing process consists of writing in my binder on paper Monday thru Friday, in the afternoons during my break at my full time job. On Friday and Saturday nights I type out everything I’ve written, plus more content, and on Sunday I print out that chapter, go over it by adding to or taking away things that are not necessary to that scene, and then I make the corrections in the main document.

I love to tell my stories in written book form, I love sitting down and listening to music while I write, and type, I love research, I love talking to other writers and drawing inspiration and positive reinforcement from them, I love going back to school to perfect my creative craft, I love the positive and negative reviews, because I use those to make me better as a writer, and I love the finished product, my labor of love.

The Men of Under His Control series