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I don’t understand the taboo that some place on erotica, and erotic romance. There are some publishers that will not publish erotica or erotic books, and there are those publishers that publish mostly and/or strictly erotic or erotica books. Some distributors place erotica themed books in sub, sub categories so it is almost next to impossible for that book to show up in searches.

Romance can be found in a number of scenarios. A romantic walk, a romantic picnic, and even a romantic dinner can turn into a heightening fantastic world of sensual delights. But, add some deeply erotic wording, instruments used to heighten pleasure, and adult themes that should be read for twenty-one and over, and there’s a whole different animal waiting to be let out the cage.

To me, romance and eroticism is one in the same. Eroticism is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as being in a state of sexual arousal. Romance in the erotic realm to me, is just adding a lot more into sensual love play to heighten sexual arousal, and whatever I consider romantic, erotic and sensual is up to me.  There is no wrong or right way in making me, in a consensual, safe, agreeable, relationship, whatever that relationship is feel the heighten of sexual satisfaction.

Whatever my version of romance is, it is my choice to help bring to fruition, my own type of eroticism. My version of romance, and erotic play should satisfy me, and if conveying romance, love, and erotic type scenarios into published book form, whether it happened in real life or are pure fantasies then that makes for some good reading.