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Lance, is coming!

Lancelot “Lance” Howard, and no it’s not just a play on my name. I aim my weapon like the hard stiff machine that it is; with precision, good aim, and a climatic finish. A professional is what I am, and a soldier is what I’ll always be, but being around her is making it hard for me to keep my sh*t together.

I thought that I had everything I ever wanted, a successful security business, and good friends, until I met her. You see I got a thing for a mean, sassy mouth woman that hates me. I mean bite her hand off if I was holding it hate me.

I’ve been hired to protect her, but my heart didn’t come with the contract. I know she wants me, but for some reason she won’t let herself see how fucking amazing we can be together. Now, I have to convince her that I want her, and that she is the only one for me.

But, before we can make that happen the past has a way of coming back to f@ck up what we have, and I’ll have to get her back.