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I prefer to write in my character’s point of view. Whether it’s female or male, I like to get in the story using this POV. I especially like to write filthy words in a male’s POV or have a character describe a particular sex scene and write about  deep down feelings of need and satisfaction.

Excerpt from Lance.

Sliding my finger through her nether twin lips, to my surprise she’s wet.  I feel the evidence of that moan. Fuck, I love the sound that a wet pussy makes, now especially since it’s all mine.

“I want you to come now? I want to see your body’s reaction as pleasure washes over you, pleasure that I caused.” Not giving up that feeling of her wet hot flesh, I continue my studious attention of her lips and hard clit. Programming this sweet sensation of touching her to memory.

I circle her hard nub until she starts to push back into my hand. I purposely avoid her hole, I want her to crave me, and want us. I want my dick to have a permanent etch mark on the inside of her pussy.  I want to stretch her cunt until no one else will be able to give her what I can.

“Yes, please Sir yes.”

Music to my dick, sliding one finger in her tight pussy, I can barely get my finger in.  She’s unbearably tight even with one finger. Pride takes over me and no one else has ever been in this virgin pussy. I’m going to dirty this pussy up and wreck it.

“Fuck baby you’re wet, and so fucking tight.” Slipping one finger in I couldn’t get any further than the first knuckle before her pussy walls clap down on it and I could go not further.

With my finger part way in her bare pussy, her pussy lips are wet and glistening, and her pretty tight back hole opened and closed in anticipation. I wait for her to get use to my finger in her tight pussy, Slowly sliding my finger in and out of her wet pussy, my other hand moves from the side of her head to separate her ass cheeks to get a better look at her sweet juicy wetness, and to prevent my finger for going to far in.

She starts pushing back fucking my finger, trying to take it deeper into her body.  Taking that as my queue, I start pumping that one finger in and out of her sweet body. I let her go unrestraint with her passion.

Lifting her body up until she was on her hands and knees, with her head held back she let out a loud groan, her body starts to shake, and all the while I piston in and out of her virgin pussy, but not going to far in, but far enough.

Feeling the flutter of her pussy walls, her pussy walls tighten around my finger, sticky juice drips into the palm of my hand, she screams as I continue to plow her through her orgasm.

Pulling my fingers free from her body, I lick first my palm and every finger that had evidence of her sticky cream.

Lifting her up off the floor, I pull back the covers, I lay her in the bed, go to the bathroom to wet a rag and clean my queen before I throw the rag to the floor.

Taking off my shirt, shoes and socks, leaving my jeans on, I climb in behind her, and pull the covers up over us.

I just lay there holding her, and in my reluctance to let her go, I prolong the ecstasy that awaits us both.

Lifting her head from my shoulder, one hand on my cheek she gives me the softest of kisses. Her soft sweet tongue slides into my mouth and all my nerves are at attention.  Every fiber of my body is focused on her. Pulling back from the kiss I look at her with a questioning look.

“Thank you Sir.” was all she said before she fell asleep.