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The Five Senses of Sensuality

If you’ve read my first book, you will read in most passages I outline in the content the five senses of sensuality in love play.

  1. The sense of touch: feeling a partners sweating body, putting into memory the hard or soft lines of their body. Using the sense of touch of not just with hands but other parts of a body to bring a partner to the height of orgasmic pleasure.

Now, this doesn’t have to just do with sex, there is activities outside the bedroom that can work too.

  1. The sense of taste: tasting is the most sensual of love play to me. The musky taste of a lovers sweating body and the flavor of the results of touch play yields the orgasmic fruits of labor.

Adding food to love play may work too.

  1. The sense of sight: leaving the lights on is like a blank canvas that can be painted with naked arms, legs and private parts. Seeing the reaction of your sensual work on your partners body is fulfilling and a complete turn on.

Also, just watching your partner sleep is a turn on too after the senses of touch, taste and sight the night or day before.

  1. The sense of hearing: sexual sounds are not just a sign that what’s being done to a partner is being done right, it’s also a turn on for the person causing those sounds.

Wrapping up in a warm blanket with your partner and watching a movie can be sexy too.

  1. The sense of smell; the musky smell of sex in the air, cologne/perfume mixed with a bodies’ natural scent, or the smell of a freshly showered body is in itself pleasing and eye rolling sexy.

Ok, I can’t come up with anything else about the sense of smell other than sexual, but there are others.