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Lance (Under His Control)

Book Two in Under His Control Series
A Angsty, Dark, Gritty, and Erotic Contemporary  Romance
Coming, Nov. 2, 2019

“Born, raised, prior-service, and married to a service member. You did a great job of depicting the bond of the military family, and I especially appreciate the note of some people not adjusting well after military retirement. Some people really do have difficulty letting go.” Beta Reader

“This was definitely a better read than the Fifty Shades series. I would absolutely recommend this series to friends who thought they were in love with FSoG.” Beta Reader

“I absolutely loved this storyline and couldn’t put the book down! The scenes in this book were phenomenally written. You’ve got a natural knack for writing D/s scenes. I LOVE IT!” Beta Reader

“My favorite scene is when Lance proposes to Gabby in front of her family, and it feels like at that moment all of her dreams have come true because she has her career, has faced her worst nightmare and has found the love of her life.” Beta Reader


“Those sex scenes were so steamy! I’d love to read more!! You’ve got a natural knack for writing a steamy, realistic, and delicious sexual encounter! I think I loved these scenes more than those from Alex.” Beta Reader

“When Lance gives Gabby her first orgasm, taking no release for himself and then cuddles her and lets her sleep as if he knows things need to be taken slow so he doesn’t risk losing her, one of my favorite moments?” Beta Reader

“Those were steamy and believable sexual encounters! I thoroughly enjoyed them!!!” Beta Reader