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Erotic Romance

I read an interview in an online magazine with a well-known author talking about her upcoming new book. One of the questions asked was, “What made you choose to write a erotic romance novel after years of writing contemporary fiction? Surely there are other genres that appeal to readers.”

Instead of feeling offended by the question, I feel sorry for the person asking the question. Who said that an author has to write in one specific genre? I don’t want to limit myself to just one genre. All writers have room to grow and branch out. If writing in multiple genres allows any author to grow, by all means do it.

Just as other authors are comfortable writing strictly historical, contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi romances, etc., erotic romance for some maybe just as comfortable. I can’t speak for other authors, but for me its natural to write erotic romance. In it’s basic form, with or without kinks or BDSM, erotic romance is one the most sensual and sexual forms of romance to me.

This interviewer is a writer too, and I’m sure has had to conduct interviews that cover a wide range of subjects.

As far as appealing to readers, erotic romance may be a small genre, but it has a faithful following which a lot of indie writers tap into. Erotic romance wouldn’t be a subgenre if people didn’t read it.