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I joined twitter out of recommendations at a writer’s forum I attended two years ago. It took me over a year to finally join in on this community and I haven’t been disappointed. I think that either because I won’t allow myself to be sucked into the negative side of twitter and I won’t allow other’s to see me as anything other than a respectful person.

I’ve met a lot of wonderful, intelligent and genuinely nice people through twitter and if it’s at all possible I hope they turn into life long friends. I hope they turn into people that I can learn from, they can learn from me and we in turn can utilize each other’s skills at writing and publishing.

The first thing I look for when I follow someone isn’t a “follow back”. I’ve followed a lot of people for months and they still haven’t followed me back that I know of. When I follow someone, I follow first out of a recommendation through a “writer’s lift. Then I look at a profile to see if this person is a fellow writer/author, any genre is better. Lastly, I follow to learn and interact.

I follow organically. I want to earn friends not followers for numbers.