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Alien’s Innocent Bride – Sue Mercury

I’ve read all of Ms. Mercury’s books up to date except the last three, forgive me school, work got in my way. I’ve never written a review for Ms. Mercury, instead I just seek to sit back and enjoy my reading and later ponder what I’ve read.

The Alien’s Innocent Bride is the first book in Ms. Mercury’s  “Mail Order Human” Sci-Fi Series.

Sev, is a Zaxxuian and is wealthy enough to buy a bride from the war town, and disease infested Earth. Sev has a secret, one that is centuries old.

Tara leaves a ravaged Earth as a Mail Order Human Bride. Running from the same gang that killed her parents, Tara has remained hidden ever since. Tara feels as though she has no choice but to become the bride of an alien.

I really enjoy Ms. Mercury’s writings because, her story lines are imaginative, sexy, the males are dominate and the worlds she creates and the characters are brilliant. Both characters are likeable, and in this book, I liked the chase.