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Private Pleasures

Private Pleasures – Bertrice Small

Private Pleasures by Bertrice Small is the first book in the six book Channel Series.

I have read every book Ms. Small as ever written, God rest her soul.

Ms. Small’s  writings go back decades. Her creativity, and professionalism has been missed.

Nora Buckley is a middle-aged domestic executive assistant, with two grown children, facing a divorce by her unappreciative husband, for a younger trophy wife.

Nora needs an outlet, but she has no job, and no skills to get a job, one think she has, is the Channel.

The Channel is an interactive, sexy and erotic world of her dreams right inside her television. Meeting Kyle in the Channel, and experiencing what she’s been missing in her loveless and sexless marriage, gives Nora the added courage to fight back and get everything she wants.