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His Heart

Now I walk back up the stairs to the deck. She hasn’t notice my approach, and I’m fine just to stand here and look at her.

I stand in the doorway leading out onto the deck, staring at her while she looks out into the distance.

Alma is strikingly beautiful, with classic features. She’s absolutely stunning, especially in the rising moonlight. I stare at her auburn hair, perky nose, rosy lips, and bright green eyes that are fringed with long auburn lashes tipped with a dusting of gold.

When the moonlight touches her olive skin, she looks like an other- worldly creature—something not fully real.

This past month, knowing that I’ve fallen in love with her, has been the longest and hardest, literally of my life. Every moment away from her I was in agony. No other woman would do, my hand couldn’t even satisfy my lust or the longing I have for Alma. My Heart.

“My little heart, I have brought you something to drink,” I finally say. It is apparent I’ve disturbed her thoughts. “What are you thinking?”

As soon as I ask that, she looks down as if embarrassed. “I was thinking that I can’t believe what I’m doing, and what the three of us are doing with you and your brothers.”

I don’t want her to think too much about the decision to come with me. We’re still so close to my parents’ palace that she could easily ask me to take her back.

I sit next to her and put the drink on the table. With my arm around her shoulders, I pull her against me and just sit back to watch the scenery. I don’t want to talk just yet. Alma is fiery, and if I say the wrong thing she might not wait for me to signal to turn the yacht around—she might just jump overboard and swim back to shore.

After a few moments, I take her chin in my forefinger and thumb and turn her head towards me. “My little heart, you are safe with me, and your friends are safe with my brothers. They will never harm them.”

She smiles. The words clearly gave her comfort, as if they needed to be said.

“Little heart, do I have permission to kiss you?” I ask.

There’s a second of hesitation, and I wait. I’m not sure which wins— lust or curiosity—but she nods her head

“No,” I say sternly and apply a little pressure to her chin. “Use your words.”

I know the look of lust, and even if she’s trying to hide it, her eyes are riddled with lust.

“Yes,” she says softly.

Before she can take it back, I swoop down and capture her lips in our first kiss. With my hand now at the back of her neck, I hold her head still while I plant soft kisses on her cheeks, her forehead, and her soft rosy lips.

I delve my tongue in to dance with her little tongue, and her sweet taste explodes in my mouth. I’m unable to wait for her tentative little tongue to meet mine, and so I sweep the inside of her mouth, wanting more of her, looking for her tongue.

I want to stick my tongue damn near down her throat. I devour her mouth. I press closer and slant her head to coax more of her little tongue out so I can suck it into my mouth.

I catch the soft mewl sounds she’s making in my mouth, right before her tongue caresses mine. Without breaking our kiss, I grab her around her waist and sit her down where I want her, until she’s straddling one of my thigh. As soon as her crotch makes contact with my steel-hard cock lying on my thigh, she pulls her head back, breaking our kiss.

Her beautiful light green eyes, now a shade darker, are glazed with passion as she stares at me.

“You feel that hard cock, my heart? All that is for you. Ride that hard cock baby, and find your pleasure,” I say in a husky voice that I don’t recognize.

Without further hesitation, Alma braces her feet on the deck floor and comes in close. She places her arms around my neck and proceeds to grind in circles on my cock.

I only pull back for a second to yank up her top and take one of her braless rosy nips in my mouth. I suck hard on the taunt nip, catch it between my teeth, and flick it in rapid movements with my tongue. My other hand rolls and pinch her opposite nip.

I hold her tightly around her waist and kiss and suck between both her breasts before latching back onto the other nip. I lightly bite down on it and cool it with my breath before doing it all over again with the other one.

This drives her forward and she increases her pace as she grinds onto my cock with quick circular motions—which drives me fucking nuts.

With her head held back, I fucking feast on her tits, licking, sucking, and nibbling all over both orbs. By morning, she will bare my marks, and I fucking love that.

I grab the hair at the back of her head and say, “Do you want to come, my little heart? Do you want to come grinding on my hard, thick cock?”

Without reservations she nods her head and says, “Yes, yes, please.”

With force, I take hold of her waist with both hands and push her puss down onto my cock, steering her back and forth. After a few more grinds with one arm around her waist, I unbuckle her belt, undo her pants, and slip my hand inside.

Fuck, she’s not wearing any panties.

All the easier to get to her already-wet puss. I stroke her hard-little nub before pinching it. At the same time, I suck hard on her nip and bite down on the end.

Alma comes apart in my arms. Her arms hang at her sides, her head falls back, and she shudders her release. Fucking yes.

As for me, I’m close to the big nasty, but I won’t come in my pants, fuck that. Before this night is over, I plan to come down her throat, up her ass, and in her sweet pussy.

The first time I saw her, I knew she was my forever. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but soon I will convince her that I’m hers as well.