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The Cowboy, A Cody Mountain Cowboy Romance. – Release, Fall 2021

For ten years I’ve geared up with my guitar strapped to my back and my cowboy hat on to sing for money and fame. Now four U.S. tours, two international tours, and eight albums later, I’ve had enough. I’m ready to turn my back on all of this.

Once the stage was a platform for me to find release in singing and coping with being back in civilian life, but now it’s become stifling and my very own bane. I can’t even pick up a pen and put to words how I’m feeling, because the words are no longer in my heart to form a song.

I take the steps up onto the stage, stand in front of the mic, and begin to sing, but not from my heart. I stopped doing that a long time ago, but I keep singing anyway. I no longer see the lights as an open window looking into the darkest parts of me, shedding light on my soul as I stand on stage and sing to beautiful women. The lights now are hot, intrusive, and stifling.