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Treasures of the Desert

Aadan Samuel

If there is one thing I love most in this world—my world—it is the power I wield. I’m addicted to it. I revel in it, and it’s a heady feeling.

I may have class and sophistication, I may play the game of suit and tie at the office, but don’t let that sh#t fool you. I’m pure, raw animal. I will devour her body with the finesse of a predator and lavish her mind with the sweet words of a lover.

She’s an anomaly. She’ll tell me to f#@k off without blinking, but then she’ll melt in my arms. Money and titles don’t impress her. So how do you get a woman who’s not impressed with all that you have to give? Set a trap and weave a fantasy.

I thought all good things come to an end and that fantasies aren’t meant to last forever…or are they?

Rufaro Samuel

She is my life’s blood. My spirit has searched for a woman like her, and now that I’ve found her, I’ll never let her go.

She’s all fire and heat wrapped up in a small package. She boils my blood. She is everything I didn’t know I needed.

Dafari Samuel

I have traveled the world several times, and never have I met a woman as rare as her.

I could search the world and never find another like her. I’m a man who knows a rare flower when I see her, and this one is it for me. Her dainty, dewy soft petals supply all the honey I need. She calls to me, and I’m addicted to her sweet intoxicating nectar.

I’m not going to use tricks to win her heart. I’ll give her what she needs, and then I’ll take her—and her heart.