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Meet Prince Aadan Samuel

Aadan Samuel is not only a wealthy businessman with killer looks, a sexy smile, and a gorgeous body—he’s also a crown prince and a happily confirmed bachelor. Love isn’t on the prince’s radar…until he sees her.

Crown prince, Aadan Samuel, knows that in his world, power and money speak volumes. But none of that matters when he meets Jewel Faye. All curves and attitude, she’s not impressed by his money, and his status is wasted on her. The one thing he has that she does want is his heart—and that’s one thing he didn’t intend to give.

Jewel Faye loves to dance, and owning her own dance studio has been a dream come true. Not only is she the boss, but she gets to work with her two best friends. Life can’t get any better than this…until the handsome prince barges into her dressing room and sends her senses into overdrive.

Love isn’t on the crown prince’s mind, but holding out for his heart may not be an option for Jewel since his powers of persuasion are both toe-curling and orgasmic.