Gritty, Feel Good, Erotic, Contemporary Romance 

“I liked the way the author connected each story to each other. Also, in the end, everyone came together. This made the collection of individual stories with different protagonists feel like one novel. This made the book unique. This is my favorite thing about the story collection.”

“The writing style is amazing. There were no errors in the opening scene. It engages the reader right off the bat. I like the way the author sets the premise for all three novellas in the very first chapter.”

“The author did an amazing job at giving each character a personality of their own. The book is written in multiple perspectives. The change in point-of-views is seamless. This a testament to the  author’s talent. Also, some of the dialogues are heart-melting. The way the author depicted the cuisine and the natural characteristics of the fictional nation is commendable. I also liked how the author ended the book with two epilogues where all the brothers and the girls are together. The author beautifully threw in the reference of two cousins who might find their loves. This makes us eager for the next book. Overall, the concept is unique. It is the perfect exotic erotic desert romance with twist.”

“This was definitely an enjoyable read for me. BDSM is not something I gravitate towards to, so this series was very insightful.”

“The author is a strong writer. The way she shifts between the perspectives of the characters is amazing. Also, the romantic dialogues are heart-melting.”

“I believe that fans of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ by E.L. James would love this book.’

My favorite lines are listed below:

“She’s positively enchanting . She’s sweetness, decadence , and earthy sexiness,”

“I would give up everything I have, and I’d be content if it were just her and me for the rest of our lives.”

“Why do you think I call you my heart? Your name is fitting, because it means ‘soul, spirit and lifeblood, and so I call you my heart.”

“No going back, Alma. You are mine, and I am yours,” I state. “I don’t want to go back. I’m where I want to be,” she says and falls asleep in my arms.”

“And I love you. You are my lifeblood. My soul and spirit radiates with my love for me. You are my heart.”“And you are mine.”“Always, my heart, always.”

“Camellia, my blom, the moment I saw you on stage, I wanted you. After the show, I knew you were for me. When I walked into that dressing room, I had this instant attraction to you. I felt the same way when you were on stage, but when I finally saw you up close, I knew my heart was yours.”

“This woman is a part of me, and a part of my future. She is my love, and I would do anything to keep her safe and protected.”

“Everything was fitting with what the author intended.”


THE COWBOY, Book One – Release, November 2021

 Gritty, Western, Erotic, Contemporary Romance

“The writing is certainly original with a very different tone of voice and usage of vocabulary than what we see in other romance books.”

“I specifically remember the author taking smell and temperature perception etc to lend depth to setting descriptions. It was well done and made the setting more evocative.”

“The setting felt purposeful and  especially the feeling of isolation on Cody mountain. The location and settings were descriptive and I could visualize myself in all the settings described.”

“I don’t know if I would want to read another insta-love type book but, I hope the next book is about Kane. He was an intriguing character. Very mysterious with his hermit-ing ways.”

“I like the title! Cody Mountain Cowboys has a ring to it!”

“My favorite scene is when Keira tells both Pappy and Cadmus to wash their hands and they wipe their hands on each other’s shirts. That was funny.”

“My favorite thing about the plot is that Keira and Cadmus are both confident people on their own and not interdependent.”

“For the amount of story that took place, I think there was probably more sex in it then story really. Even though it wasn’t strictly a BDSM book.”

“My favorite romantic moment was when Cadmus just held Keira and let her cry on him.”

“All the secondary characters lent something meaningful to the story. I especially liked Pappy and his byplay with Cadmus.”

“I love it that the Cadmus’ brogue is constant throughout, and I love his name.”

“The writer hit the mark in the creative ploy, the sexiness of Cadmus is off the chain, and the ending….”

“This writer’s writing technic is creative. I was entertained from the beginning of the book to the end”

“Hot sex scenes, I love it”

My favorite saying,“Honey, ease back. What you need is a hot ass.”


THE HIGHLANDER’S DREAM, Book TwoRelease, May, 2022

Steamy, Sci-Fi, Historical Romance

“Really evocative of the setting, as well as a nod to the Dreamscape concept.”

“I don’t generally advise using eye dialect (writing the accent phonetically), but I thought the dialogue worked well.”

“I felt that I had a pretty good grasp of the writing style and general plot elements by the end of the opening chapters.”

“I thought it was a pretty enjoyable read with likeable protagonists. From what I can tell, the premise is really original. There are some sci fi/historical blends out there, but nothing is quite the same.”

“Pretty original in both the romance and sci fi genres.”

“Try to incorporate scent more often. It’s the sense that’s most strongly linked to emotion and memory.”

“You are good at action scenes and historical details.There were some really stunning descriptions of the castles and estates.”

“I found the action scenes exciting. I also found their final intimate scene (the only that actually took place in the real world) was touching and appropriately intimate.”

“The women of my family, through our Ferguson line, are blessed with the knowledge of knowing when we meet our true love.”

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