ALEX, Book One (Under His Control Series)

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I like to f*ck in the boardroom and the bedroom. I don’t f *ck the same woman twice, and I don’t do relationships.

With a stipulation to my parents’ will I have to take a wife.

Now, I’m f*cked.

My feelings about marriage changed when a dark-haired beauty walks into my office. I’ll do anything to get her, and keep her.

I don’t just want to make her my wife I want to control her.

LANCE, Book Two (Under His Control Series)

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I’m Lancelot “Lance” Howard, and no, it’s not just a play on my name. I aim my weapon like the hard, stiff machine that it is with precision, good aim, and a climatic finish. A professional is what I am, and a soldier is what I’ll always be, but being around her is making it hard for me to keep my sh*t together.

I thought that I had everything I ever wanted, a successful security business and good friends, until I met her. You see I got a thing for a mean, sassy-mouthed woman that hates me. I mean bite-her-hand-off-if-I-was holding-it hate me.

I’ve been hired to protect her, but my heart didn’t come with the contract. I know she wants me, but for some reason she won’t let herself see how f@cking amazing we could be together. Now, I must convince her that I want her, and that she is the only one for me.

But the past has a way of coming back to f@ck up what we have, and before we can make that happen, I’ll chase her across the country to get her back.

NORA, Book Three (Under His Control Series)

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Eleanora Kincaid, Nora to my family and close friends, beloved sister, respected boss, and caring friend, at your service. For too long I’ve sat on the pedestal my brother put me on while my two best friends left and got married. I sit and watch and I’m fucking sick of it.

Now I’m stepping out of my brother’s shadow to become the boss and take control after he steps down as CEO of Kincaid Technology.

For years now I’ve waited for them to notice me and to see me as a woman and no longer a child. You see I want what’s mine but how can I get my would-be Dominants to see me as the woman they need? Well, no more. I’m done waiting. It’s time for me to take control.

But there’s someone in the shadows who wants to take that control I want out of my reach and take my happily ever after.


I joined the service to get away from the one person on this planet who can bring me to my knees. I fought, I killed, and I tried to make life better for people I didn’t know. I’m broken, and my fucking heart is bruised, but she can heal me, only with her will I be able to be free.


One of the things my momma taught me is to never give up and keep your eyes on the prize. Well, my little Jewel has been my prize from the moment she wanted me to be her first. A brotherhood stood in my way but now all the rules are off, she’s mine.

THE HIGHLANDER’S SONG, Book One (Love Across Time Series)

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Behind her soft curves, her wonderful mind and her soft-spoken nature hides a lioness.

Adairia is my woman, and how I’m able tae get her I dinnae ken, but I will.

What I feel for her is a true love, a love across time.

TREASURES OF THE DESERT, Book One (Sons of the Desert Series)

Cover Reveal, August 2020

Crown prince, Aadan Samuel knows in his world power and money speaks volumes, but none of that matters when he meets Jewel Faye. All curves and attitude, his money doesn’t impress her and his status is wasted on her. The one thing he has that she does want is his heart and that’s one thing he didn’t intend to give.

Pleasure, dominance and pain are some of the best things in Prince Rufaro Samuel’s life. The dominate part of him is the part he loves the most, because that part of him makes him feel free. Rufaro is rough, hard and he likes to give a bit of pain. Mix in Alma franklin and the mixture is complete, but he has to catch her first.

Prince Dafari Samuel, known to those close to him as Zuri, is the youngest of the Samuel brothers and the brashest. He’s rich, handsome and royalty, and he revels in his princely title. A prince by birth and a Dominate by lifestyle and nature. On the outside, Dafari the prince, is cultured and refined, but For Camellia Cruz, Dafari the man, is raw animal.

Sons of the Desert Series are three Novelettes in one. There is no running plot, no backstory and no cheating.