I like to f*ck in the boardroom and the bedroom. I don’t f *ck the same woman twice, and I don’t do relationships.

With a stipulation to my parents’ will I have to take a wife.

Now, I’m f*cked.

My feelings about marriage changed when a dark-haired beauty walks into my office. I’ll do anything to get her, and keep her.

I don’t just want to make her my wife I want to control her.

“My favorite line, “My abhobian has fire does she no?”

“It was a nice, quick read. I enjoyed it, and certainly look forward to reading about Nora’s love triangle with Ram & Bull.”

“The theme is obviously about love. Alex & Gladys’s love conquers. The love between Alex & Nora is an unbreakable sibling bond. Suffering, deception, and the difference between good & evil are also present.”