Love Across Time Series – Release, Spring 2022

The Earl of Sutherland knows there’s always been something missing from his life. When a beautiful lass from the future starts to invade his dreams, he realizes that it’s her

Now Teague just has to find her.

Soon the earl is called upon by the king to travel to court. Normally he would hate to be pulled away from his lands and his people, but this time it just might lead him to the woman of his dreams.

Along the way, Teague discovers that someone wants to take both his title and his life. Before he can meet his dream woman, he’ll have to soar through the skies above the Highlands to discover her secrets—and to try and save both  their lives.

LANCE, Book Two

Under His Control Series – Release, Spring 2022

Lancelot Howard put everything into making his business, Howard Security Professionals, a success. Everything is going well until he takes the one contract that changes his life. Now there’s a problem, one gorgeous, curvy, smart-mouthed problem: Gabriella Michae

He is hired to protect her, but now he must protect his heart. He can’t get her out of his mind, and she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Giving up on her is not an option, so making her see that they belong together is his only choice.

Gabriella Michaels knows the hard life.  The daughter of a prostitute and her pimp, she’s tried to forget about that life and leave it in the past.

Now her past has come back to snatch her back because someone is after her, and soon Gabby will discover she isn’t in this fight alone.



Love Across Time Series – Release, Fall  2022

Ramsey Kincaide has a warrior’s heart. Never expecting to marry, Ramsey satisfied himself with women and fighting for Scotland’s independence. But when Ramsey is forced forward in time, he comes face to face with his future. Now, after returning to his own time, he knows his future is not as bleak as he once thought.

When Ramsey gets the summons he’s been both dreading and waiting for, he travels to Brockoroc Castle to meet his estranged grandsire. As the heir to his grandsire’s title, Ramsey knows it’s time to claim his future.

Allison MacKennedy wants nothing more in life than to claim her home, Overlay, and to take care of her people and live her life as she pleases. But in order to claim her home, Allison is told she’ll have to marry the gruesome and feared warrior she’s heard frightening stories about. Her life just went from bad to awful, and running from her problems solves nothing.

Ramsey soon finds that the people and places around him are not what they seem. Now he must race against time to save his future, and himself.


Sons of the Desert Series – Release, Spring 2023

Meet the rest of the Samuel men. Let me introduce you too, twin brothers, Malek and Malikus Samuel; the cousins of Aadan, Rufaro and Zuri.

Malek Samuel, the Duke of Avasharah,  is a Duke of Dominance. Clean-cut, well dressed and with not a hair out of place, on the outside, but on the inside, Malek has a dirty mind. For him, only a special woman will do, and not just any special woman, Ahava Sutherland.

Malek instantly discovers, that with Ahava, he can have the love that he has always wanted, and be the Dom, that Ahava needs.

Being the Duke of Bursara, isn’t the only thing that satisfies Malikus Samuel, it’s Laila Sutherland.

Malikus is as Dominant as his brother is in almost every way, expect one. Malikus has a secret, that not even his brother knows about.

When he meets Laila Sutherland, he instantly knows that he can trust his heart and his secret to the Domme called, ‘The Ice Queen” and live his life, with her in the way he has always dreamt of living his life with this special woman.  But Laila has a secret of her own.

In one night, the twins will find their Passions of the Desert, in love and trust

The Doctor, Book Two

Cody Mountain Cowboys Series – Release, Fall 2023