Re-release, Spring 2022

I’m Lancelot “Lance” Howard, and no, it’s not just a play on my name. I aim my weapon like the hard, stiff machine that it is with precision, good aim, and a climatic finish. A professional is what I am, and a soldier is what I’ll always be, but being around her is making it hard for me to keep my sh*t together.

I thought that I had everything I ever wanted, a successful security business and good friends, until I met her. You see I got a thing for a mean, sassy-mouthed woman that hates me. I mean bite-her-hand-off-if-I-was holding-it hate me.

I’ve been hired to protect her, but my heart didn’t come with the contract. I know she wants me, but for some reason she won’t let herself see how f@cking amazing we could be together. Now, I must convince her that I want her, and that she is the only one for me.

But the past has a way of coming back to f@ck up what we have, and before we can make that happen, I’ll chase her across the country to get her back.


“I absolutely loved this storyline and couldn’t put the book down! The scenes in this book were phenomenally written. You’ve got a natural knack for writing D/s scenes. I LOVE IT!”

“Lance gave off an arrogant vibe in the opening chapter. I did not expect him to be as loving and considerate as he was throughout the remainder of the story.”

“I love how realistic Gabriella is as a person. Her backstory leaves no questions about who she is during the story.”

“It was easy for me to create an image for Lance in my head. Gabriella was a little harder until it was shared that she was of European descent. I think it was the olive skin that was throwing me off for the longest time. I pictured her more along the lines of a Southern Italian, Hispanic, or Asian descendent, but none were able to stick until I learned her parents were German immigrants.”

“I liked how you threw in the ‘bawse’ stuff for Gabriella describing Lance, but still kept her articulate throughout the story. It really made her character believable.”

“Those sex scenes were so steamy! I’d love to read more!! You’ve got a natural knack for writing a steamy, realistic, and delicious sexual encounter! I think I loved these scenes more than those from Alex.”

“It felt reminiscent of Fifty Shades at first, but I loved the twist of the heroine having the twisted past.”

“Both epilogues were a great touch. I still can’t get over how fun it was to read Gabriella being more excited about the choker necklace than the engagement ring. It just seemed to fit her perfectly, and I love that sassy part of her.”

“You write a compelling story. I enjoyed reading this addition to the series.”

“This was definitely a better read than the Fifty Shades series. I would absolutely recommend this series to friends who thought they were in love with FSoG.”

“Love the BDSM elements. They are spot on. Leone’ either does her research well or has experience in this lifestyle.” – Master Eric