Nora, Book Three

Under His Control Series

Eleanora Kincaid is stepping out of her brother Alexander’s shadow and becoming the boss. She’s ready to take control after Alexander steps down as CEO of Kincaid Tech.

Being the boss is not all that Nora wants. What Nora wants she had to wait years for. No longer a child, Nora plans to take what she wants. For years Nora has waited to be noticed, but how can she get her would-be Dominants to see her as the woman they need?

But there’s someone in the shadows that want to take Nora’s control and her happily ever after away.

The Highlander’s Song, Book One

Love Across Time Series. Release, Fall 2020

Two worlds come together centuries apart.

Adairia Babette is asked to use secret technology to travel back to the 1500’s to design a weapon that will help save the world. As soon as she arrives in the 1500’s, Adairia starts to “dreamscape” with a big, black haired Scotsman. He scares her, he makes her feel things that are primal that is all too real for a dream, and worst of all she likes to submit to his dominance.

Maddock Kincaide has been dreaming of the same woman for two years. She melts in his arms and submits to his dominance like no other.  She gives him all that he wants. No other woman will do. He doesn’t know how, but he will claim his woman.

Can a woman from the future and a man from the past find a future together while trying to help save humanity, keep Adairia safe from a killer and get his woman to remember what they have?

Treasures of the Desert, Book One

Meet the Samuel brothers; Aadan, classy and cultured. Rufaro, rough and hard, and Dafari, the youngest of the Samuel brothers and the brashest.

Sons of the Desert Series. Release, Spring 2021 Cover Reveal, August 2020

Crown prince, Aadan Samuel knows in his world power and money speaks volumes, but none of that matters when he meets Jewel Faye. All curves and attitude, his money doesn’t impress her and his status is wasted on her. The one thing he has that she does want is his heart and that’s one thing he didn’t intend to give.

Pleasure, dominance and pain are some of the best things in Prince Rufaro Samuel’s life. The dominate part of him is the part he loves the most, because that part of him makes him feel free. Rufaro is rough, hard and he likes to give a bit of pain. Mix in Alma franklin and the mixture is complete, but he has to catch her first.

Prince Dafari Samuel, known to those close to him as Zuri, is the youngest of the Samuel brothers and the brashest. He’s rich, handsome and royalty, and he revels in his princely title. A prince by birth and a Dominate by lifestyle and nature. On the outside, Dafari the prince, is cultured and refined, but For Camellia Cruz, Dafari the man, is raw animal.

Sons of the Desert Series are three Novelettes in one. There is no running plot, no backstory and no cheating.