Meet the Samuel brothers: Aadan, classy and cultured; Rufaro, rough and hard; and Dafari, the youngest and the brashest of the Samuel brothers.

Crown Prince Aadan Samuel knows that in his world, power and money speak volumes. But none of that matters when he meets Jewel Faye. All curves and attitude, she’s not impressed by his money, and his status is wasted on her. The one thing he has that she does want is his heart—and that’s one thing he didn’t intend to give.

Pleasure, dominance, and pain are some of the best things about Prince Rufaro Samuel’s life. He loves his dominant side the most, because it makes him feel free. Rufaro is rough, hard, and he likes to give a bit of pain. Mix in Alma Franklin, and his life would be complete—but he just has to catch her first.

Prince Dafari Samuel, known to those close to him as Zuri, is the youngest and the brashest of the Samuel brothers. He’s rich, handsome, and royalty, and he revels in his princely title. He’s a prince by birth and a Dominant by lifestyle and nature. On the outside, Dafari the prince is cultured and refined—but for Camellia Cruz, Dafari the man is raw animal.

Sons of the Desert Series are three Novelettes in one. There is no running plot, no backstory and no cheating.


Cadmus MacKennedy is called the Crooning Cowboy. Ex-military turned country music star, Cadmus croons to the ladies, and enjoys all the perks of stardom. But the bright lights and tours are wearing thin, and this cowboy is ready to retire from the music business.

Cody Mountain Cowboy Series – Release, Fall 2021

On his last night of a whirlwind tour, he decides to sing one of his greatest hits. The melody and lyrics are the same….until he looks out into the crowd and sees her. The words he sings now have new meaning and the melody runs through his veins like blood—all because of her.

Keira Bonaparte is on the run. Staying in the shadows is the only option she has to keep herself alive and safe. When her past threatens to catch up with her, Keira runs into a stadium by accident, and suddenly she’s thrust onto a stage and into the limelight, being crooned to by a tall, handsome cowboy, who sends a melody to her heart.

Cadmus and Keira will travel the mountains, rise to a pinnacle and fall to the depths of a valley to protect their love. But can her cowboy save her from a past she’s trying desperately to escape? And will he save her in time?