Eleanora Kincaid, Nora to my family and close friends, beloved sister, respected boss, and caring friend, at your service. For too long I’ve sat on the pedestal my brother put me on while my two best friends left and got married. I sit and watch and I’m fucking sick of it.

Now I’m stepping out of my brother’s shadow to become the boss and take control after he steps down as CEO of Kincaid Technology.

For years now I’ve waited for them to notice me and to see me as a woman and no longer a child. You see I want what’s mine but how can I get my would-be Dominants to see me as the woman they need? Well, no more. I’m done waiting. It’s time for me to take control.

But there’s someone in the shadows who wants to take that control I want out of my reach and take my happily ever after.

Ramsey Winston

I joined the service to get away from the one person on this planet who can bring me to my knees. I fought, I killed, and I tried to make life better for people I didn’t know. I’m broken, and my fucking heart is bruised, but she can heal me, only with her will I be able to be free.

Bartholomew Sinclair

One of the things my momma taught me is to never give up and keep your eyes on the prize. Well, my little Jewel has been my prize from the moment she wanted me to be her first. A brotherhood stood in my way but now all the rules are off, she’s mine.


“Any of them! I’d love to see the continued story progression from either of the other two relationships in the series. Hell, if there were three more books following the whole gang, I’d be down to read them all!”


“Every hint from the previous books fit perfectly into this story! It was all I wanted and so much more!”

“I loved the incorporation of the polyamorous lifestyle. I can’t wait to see this published because I know so many people who would love this story wholeheartedly and devour it the same way I did.”

“Though I am still skeptical of a poly relationship between cousins, I still feel that this version is the better version because I can tell that this is the story you wanted to write. In contrast, version 2 is the story you wrote for fear of people judging you for creating a poly relationship. People may still judge you for it, but in the end, there will always be readers that will find it way too appealing to put down.  So, in my opinion, you may shock some but go with what you feel your characters would want because you created them, and only you know what they want.”

“The author has a strong plot skill. I would have to say plot building; I like the way the story unfolds.”