Meet the Samuel brothers: Aadan, classy and cultured; Rufaro, rough and hard; and Dafari, the youngest and the brashest of the Samuel brothers.

Crown Prince Aadan Samuel knows that in his world, power and money speak volumes. But none of that matters when he meets Jewel Faye. All curves and attitude, she’s not impressed by his money, and his status is wasted on her. The one thing he has that she does want is his heart—and that’s one thing he didn’t intend to give.

Pleasure, dominance, and pain are some of the best things about Prince Rufaro Samuel’s life. He loves his dominant side the most, because it makes him feel free. Rufaro is rough, hard, and he likes to give a bit of pain. Mix in Alma Franklin, and his life would be complete—but he just has to catch her first.

Prince Dafari Samuel, known to those close to him as Zuri, is the youngest and the brashest of the Samuel brothers. He’s rich, handsome, and royalty, and he revels in his princely title. He’s a prince by birth and a Dominant by lifestyle and nature. On the outside, Dafari the prince is cultured and refined—but for Camellia Cruz, Dafari the man is raw animal.

Treasures of the Desert is three Novelettes in one. There is no running plot, no backstory and no cheating.


In Paperback


Release, Spring 2023

Meet the rest of the Samuel men. Let me introduce you too, twin brothers, Malek and Malikus Samuel; the cousins of Aadan, Rufaro and Zuri.

Malek Samuel, the Duke of Avasharah,  is a Duke of Dominance. Clean-cut, well dressed and with not a hair out of place, on the outside, but on the inside, Malek has a dirty mind. For him, only a special woman will do, and not just any special woman, Ahava Sutherland.

Malek instantly discovers, that with Ahava, he can have the love that he has always wanted, and be the Dom, that Ahava needs.

Being the Duke of Bursara, isn’t the only thing that satisfies Malikus Samuel, it’s Laila Sutherland.

Malikus is as Dominant as his brother is in almost every way, expect one. Malikus has a secret, that not even his brother knows about.

When he meets Laila Sutherland, he instantly knows that he can trust his heart and his secret to the Domme called, ‘The Ice Queen” and live his life, with her in the way he has always dreamt of living his life with this special woman.  But Laila has a secret of her own.

In one night, the twins will find their Passions of the Desert, in love and trust.

Passions of the Desert is two Novelettes in one. There is no running plot, no backstory and no cheating.


In Paperback Spring 2023