Release, Fall 2021

Cadmus MacKennedy is called the Crooning Cowboy. Ex-military turned country music star, Cadmus croons to the ladies, and enjoys all the perks of stardom. But the bright lights and tours are wearing thin, and this cowboy is ready to retire from the music business.

On his last night of a whirlwind tour, he decides to sing one of his greatest hits. The melody and lyrics are the same….until he looks out into the crowd and sees her. The words he sings now have new meaning and the melody runs through his veins like blood—all because of her.

Keira Bonaparte is on the run. Staying in the shadows is the only option she has to keep herself alive and safe. When her past threatens to catch up with her, Keira runs into a stadium by accident, and suddenly she’s thrust onto a stage and into the limelight, being crooned to by a tall, handsome cowboy, who sends a melody to her heart.

Cadmus and Keira will travel the mountains, rise to a pinnacle and fall to the depths of a valley to protect their love. But can her cowboy save her from a past she’s trying desperately to escape? And will he save her in time?


“The writing is certainly original with a very different tone of voice and usage of vocabulary than what we see in other romance books.”

“I specifically remember the author taking smell and temperature perception etc to lend depth to setting descriptions. It was well done and made the setting more evocative.”

“The setting felt purposeful and  especially the feeling of isolation on Cody mountain. The location and settings were descriptive and I could visualize myself in all the settings described.”

“I don’t know if I would want to read another insta-love type book but, I hope the next book is about Kane. He was an intriguing character. Very mysterious with his hermit-ing ways.”

“I like the title! Cody Mountain Cowboys has a ring to it!”

“My favorite scene is when Keira tells both Pappy and Cadmus to wash their hands and they wipe their hands on each other’s shirts. That was funny.”

“My favorite thing about the plot is that Keira and Cadmus are both confident people on their own and not interdependent.”

“For the amount of story that took place, I think there was probably more sex in it then story really. Even though it wasn’t strictly a BDSM book.”

“My favorite romantic moment was when Cadmus just held Keira and let her cry on him.”

“All the secondary characters lent something meaningful to the story. I especially liked Pappy and his byplay with Cadmus.”

“I love it that the Cadmus’ brogue is constant throughout, and I love his name.”

“The writer hit the mark in the creative ploy, the sexiness of Cadmus is off the chain, and the ending….”

“This writer’s writing technic is creative. I was entertained from the beginning of the book to the end”

“Hot sex scenes, I love it”

My favorite saying, “Honey, ease back. What you need is a firm hand and a hot ass.”