“Cadmus the Crooning Cowboy.” 

That’s what they call me. A marine for life, a cowboy by birth and a county music singer by trade. I’ve sold out stadiums to thousands, traveled around the world to crowds shouting my name, until faces start to blur together. Then one night, I really look into the crowd and I see my future, I think sneaking into my show, was one of the best things she could have done..

One look in her and I can’t take my eyes off her and I’m hooked.

But, she’s in trouble, and  blind man can see she’s running, she’s running scared and from what, I’ll find out. 

I’ll give everything I have to have her by my side, but my woman comes with secrets, deadly secrets and one of those secrets is willing to kill to take her from me. 

Release, Fall 2021 – Cover Reveal, Fall 2020