The Earl of Sutherland knows there’s always been something missing from his life. When a beautiful lass from the future starts to invade his dreams, he realizes that it’s her.

Now Teague just has to find her.

Soon the earl is called upon by the king to travel to court. Normally he would hate to be pulled away from his lands and his people, but this time it just might lead him to the woman of his dreams.

Along the way, Teague discovers that someone wants to take both his title and his life. Before he can meet his dream woman, he’ll have to soar through the skies above the Highlands to discover her secrets—and to try and save both of their lives.


“Really evocative of the setting, as well as a nod to the Dreamscape concept.”

“I don’t generally advise using eye dialect (writing the accent phonetically), but I thought the dialogue worked well.”

“I felt that I had a pretty good grasp of the writing style and general plot elements by the end of the opening chapters.”

“I thought it was a pretty enjoyable read with likeable protagonists. From what I can tell, the premise is really original. There are some sci fi/historical blends out there, but nothing is quite the same.”

“Pretty original in both the romance and sci fi genres.”

“Try to incorporate scent more often. It’s the sense that’s most strongly linked to emotion and memory.”

“You are good at action scenes and historical details.There were some really stunning descriptions of the castles and estates.”

“I found the action scenes exciting. I also found their final intimate scene (the only that actually took place in the real world) was touching and appropriately intimate.”

“The women of my family, through our Ferguson line, are blessed with the knowledge of knowing when we meet our true love.”