Book Three in the Love Across Time Series

Release, Fall 2022

Ramsey Kincaide has a warrior’s heart. Never expecting to marry, Ramsey satisfied himself with women and fighting for Scotland’s independence. But when Ramsey is forced forward in time, he comes face to face with his future. Now, after returning to his own time, he knows his future is not as bleak as he once thought.

When Ramsey gets the summons he’s been both dreading and waiting for, he travels to Brockoroc Castle to meet his estranged grandsire. As the heir to his grandsire’s title, Ramsey knows it’s time to claim his future.

Allison MacKennedy wants nothing more in life than to claim her home, Overlay, and to take care of her people and live her life as she pleases. But in order to claim her home, Allison is told she’ll have to marry the gruesome and feared warrior she’s heard frightening stories about. Her life just went from bad to awful, and running from her problems solves nothing.

Ramsey soon finds that the people and places around him are not what they seem. Now he must race against time to save his future, and himself.


Overall, ‘The Highlander’s Future’ is a titillating romance that transports us to Medieval Scotland with a dash of the futuristic developments.”

“The author masterfully blends futuristic elements in a historical book. This makes the romance all the more enticing. I believe this is the author’s strongest writing talent.”

“People who liked Julie Garwood’s ‘Highland Velvet’ would enjoy it.”

“Communicating with one’s partner is a necessity for a successful relationship. Also, if we aim to achieve something and work hard towards our goals, we can achieve it. I believe these are the themes of the story.”

“It is the third book in the series. However, this does not stop the reader from enjoying it as a standalone book. In fact, it make us want to read the preceding books. I truly liked this about the book.”

“The writing style is amazing. The author expertly weaves the Scottish accent in the dialogues . This makes the reader feel like a character of the book.”

Lines I love;

“I love ye, lass. It seems I have been in some form of love with ye all my life.”

Twice more in the twilight of the night, Ramsey took me to heights above the clouds and then flew with me over the edge of a cliff, where only true lovers fly.

“I love ye, Mah Future. Ye are the love of my life. I want nay other woman but ye, and ye..

Never have I found such contentment, peace, and absolute love, as I have with Allison. The wait for her was truly worth it.

“I have waited a lifetime for ye, Mah Future, and I’ll never let ye go.”

“To Scotland. Let the Highlander’s songs hereafter be sung of the lively Highlander’s dreams about the Highlander’s future, and the Highlander’s love of Scotland.”