Two worlds come together centuries apart.

Adairia Babette is asked to use secret technology to travel back to the 1500s to begin building a weapon that will help save the world. As soon as she arrives in the 1500s, Adairia starts to dream about a big black-haired Scotsman. He scares her, he makes her feel things that are primal and that are all too real for a dream, and worst of all she likes to submit to his dominance.

Maddock Kincaide has been dreaming of the same woman for two years. She melts in his arms and submits to his dominance like no other. She gives him all that he wants. No other woman will do. He doesn’t know how, but he will claim his woman.

Can a woman from the future and a man from the past find a future together while trying to keep each other safe from a killer and get his woman to remember what they have?



“Ye ken I dinnae have tae leave, but I wanted ye tae come tae me.” He pauses. “My wife dinnea want me there. Adairia, I ken ye are no from this time and I ken women of yer time have things their way, but as for me, I protect and take care of what I consider mine. Yer mine, the lands where we live are ours, my clansmen are ours. I will no’ take ye unwillin’. You have no idea how much I wanted tae just hold ye and love ye.”


Paperback Available Amazon Only November 2020