ALEX, Book One

Scottish-born Alexander Kincaid is a wealthy playboy. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth tarnished by years of abuse and neglect at his parents’ hands has taught Alexander two things: One, he will never live his life under someone else’s control. And two, control and money are everything in his world, especially in the bedroom

After his parents’ death, Alex become the CEO of their multi-billion-dollar company. Even from the grave his parents manipulations haunt him. In a rush to satisfy a stipulation in their will, Alex has to find a woman to marry or lose control of his company.

Gladys James knows heartache. Left alone after the deaths of her mother and grandparents and with no knowledge of who her father is, Gladys uses every opportunity she can to stay off the streets. When the chance of a lifetime comes up to study abroad, Gladys finds herself the roommate. Only her new roommate is the sister of one of the richest and sexiest men in the world.

Fantasies are all Gladys can afford with Alexander Kincaid. He’s her benefactor and best friend’s brother, and Gladys can’t lose her friendship and certainly not her heart to the wealthy playboy.


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LANCE, Book Two

Lancelot Howard put everything into making his business, Howard Security Professionals, a success. Everything is going well until he takes the one contract that changes his life. Now there’s a problem, one gorgeous, curvy, smart-mouthed problem: Gabriella Michae

He is hired to protect her, but now he must protect his heart. He can’t get her out of his mind, and she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Giving up on her is not an option, so making her see that they belong together is his only choice.

Gabriella Michaels knows the hard life.  The daughter of a prostitute and her pimp, she’s tried to forget about that life and leave it in the past.

Now her past has come back to snatch her back because someone is after her, and soon Gabby will discover she isn’t in this fight alone.


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NORA, Book Three


Eleanora Kincaid is stepping out of her brother Alexander’s shadow and becoming the boss. She’s ready to take control after Alexander steps down as CEO of Kincaid Tech.

Being the boss is not all that Nora wants. What Nora wants she had to wait years for. No longer a child, Nora plans to take what she wants. For years Nora has waited to be noticed, but how can she get her would-be Dominants to see her as the woman they need?

But there’s someone in the shadows that want to take Nora’s control and her happily ever after away.


In Paperback